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Family Adventure Family adventure vacations are an excellent way to spend time together, sharing experiences that are new to you all, while extending your children’s understanding of the world and different cultures. You will have an opportunity to paddle as a team through foaming white rivers, slip and collide in gentler-running water while scrubbing a huge elephant, sit back in companionable silence while admiring the quiet mountain scene or the arrival of the spectacular dawn light over a Himalayan peak, spend time together hiking along a mountain trail, and just chat without any distractions or sense of urgency. Adults relax, as guides take over the day-to-day responsibilities of food, shelter and safety. Youngsters explore and have fun with things that aren’t necessarily electronic in nature! And families reconnect, as generations appreciate each other in a new light, while we enable you to experience your own tailor-made itinerary, which allows plenty of free time and is paced to suit the needs of each and every individual family member.

The best school in the world... is the world! Yet in today’s high-velocity family lives of work and school, even spending quality time together as a family at home is sometimes difficult to manage, never mind exploring the wider world together. And before you know it, the children in the family will have flown the nest. A Family Adventure Holiday in Nepal is a fabulous way to stop the clock and have fun with the children before it is too late.

Whether on elephant-back jungle safari, rafting in foaming white water, trekking and camping in the Himalayan wilderness, or exotic city sightseeing, family adventure holidays are among the most satisfying and rewarding vacations available. What is it that makes them so memorable and enjoyable?

Their success is in large part due to the challenges they provide and the camaraderie that results from successfully meeting them. There is nothing like climbing up on an elephant for the first time and then washing it in a river, before trundling off into the jungle on the look-out for rhinos and tigers, paddling a bouncing raft through enormous waves, and tackling a seemingly unending flight of rocky steps up a mountain-side, before being rewarded with incredible views of the highest peaks in the whole world. Success achieved through such joint adventures is what makes family holidays so rewarding.

Correctly preparing yourself and your family is the first step towards a successful outdoor adventure. The most important decision is which adventure to choose, and your first question should be, ‘Are the members of my family adventurous?’ In other words, ’Is your family one that enjoys or would enjoy facing exciting challenges?’ Adventure holidays are probably not for you unless you answered positively!

If you answered, ‘Yes’, then the following question should help decide if a Family Adventure Holiday in Nepal is right for your family. ‘Do we or would we like to camp and spend time outdoors?’ Since all our adventure travel holidays involve spending time outdoors, it is important to at least feel comfortable with the idea of sleeping in a tent, or in a lodge with basic facilities, being out in the sun all day, etc. When considering an overseas adventure in an undeveloped region of the world, it is important to know that your family will be able to deal with the cultural and amenities differences they may encounter, as well as the challenges that adventure activities can provide.

Access-Himalaya has wide experience of organising adventure holidays for families who have never embarked on this kind of vacation before. Our guides have the experience to help first-timers with all aspects of their adventure, from assisting with tent set-up to having extra activities available for children.

We, at Access-Himalaya, strive for all our clients to have the most enjoyable outdoor adventure experience possible on every trip. As such, we like to provide each and every guest with all of the information needed to choose, prepare for, and participate in their adventure of a lifetime. We are a responsible adventure travel company that takes to heart your concerns and feedback. We welcome and appreciate any questions you have and hope that you make contact with us to start planning the perfect adventure holiday for your particular family.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Each of our Family Adventure Holidays will include some of the following:

trekking, camping, elephant riding, swimming, washing elephants, white water rafting.

Culture: interacting with local people, camping in rural villages, visiting important Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites, eating local food, and learning the local customs.

History: opportunities to visit places of historical importance such as the World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley.

Trekking: short, low level camping or teahouse treks in the Nepalese foothills.

Wildlife: safaris to see rhino, tigers in jungle, combined with journeys in dugout canoes to see Gharial and Mugger crocodiles, and other jungle animals.Opportunities for bird and butterfly watching, as well as Himalayan plant identification are included, as well as special time set aside for photography and writing journals.