Responsible Travel

  • Access-Himalaya's Responsible Tourism policy

    Access-Himalaya is committed to responsible tourism, through its policies and practices which permeate all aspects of its business. The company’s policies aim to ensure that we and our clients act in a way which is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. We feel strongly that all ... read more..
  • Local benefits

    We feel strongly that all Access-Himalaya Adventure Travel holidays should benefit local communities, and to this end our policies also aim to ensure that we, through example, and our clients act in a way which is socially, environmentally and culturally sound,Some ways of doing this ... read more..
  • Trading fairly

    Nepal provides us with our livelihood, through a natural commodity - the Himalaya and all that the name evokes. If we benefit from visiting this beautiful country and interacting with her people, we believe we should put money back into the regions we visit. Our ... read more..
  • Respect for cultural mores

    We encourage our clients to read guide books about Nepal, or to visit our website, to learn about the culture, beliefs and customs of the region they will be visiting, before travel. We include in our website some basic Nepali words and phrases which go ... read more..
  • Conservation of resources

    We provide our clients with boiled water for drinking, and do not indulge in the purchase of bottled water, as disposal of plastic is a problem in Nepal. We always carry kerosene for cooking on our camping treks, and only patronise teahouses which use this ... read more..
  • Staff training and insurance

    We provide training for our staff, to help them become more efficient and knowledgeable, thereby aiding progress in their careers. We also insure our guides and kitchen staff against accident and health problems whilst on treks and expeditions, in addition to providing them with food, ... read more..
  • Porter protection

    We follow the guidelines of the <a href="">International Porter Protection Group</a>, and it is our company policy to provide all porters with suitable clothing, footwear and shelter while working with us. We see that they are adequately fed and paid, and they are not asked ... read more..
  • Care of the Environment

    The care of the environment is high on our list of priorities. We believe&nbsp; in re-using before re-cycling, and to this end we offer to our porters and/or local villagers, empty coffee tins and lidded jars for the storage of dry goods, and empty large ... read more..
  • Access-Himalaya brochures

    Our company policy is to print our brochures locally, as part of our commitment to fair trade. We also need to conserve valuable resources, and rather than producing annual brochures which need little updating, we have decided to benefit from current technology and publish frequently ... read more..
  • Our Ethics, impact and responsibilities

    Access Himalaya has a strong commitment to having a positive impact on the culture and environment of our destinations. We are small local operator who has great local interests and staff. This ensures close contact with the local community and maximises the benefit of the money ... read more..
  • Community project

    Access Himalaya has been working with disadvantage/underprivileged children and community in Nepal providing support, free education and care for voer 17 years through various projects. The new projects is starting from this October ( 2008) which aims to start a secondary school with conjunction with community ... read more..