School and College Expedition

School and college curricula are undoubtedly enhanced through extra-mural activities which offer unusual and stimulating experiences. Such activities make a valuable contribution to the academic and personal development of those who take part in them. In particular, the chance for some real cultural and religious study comparisons, through practical involvement, is an easily achievable goal, through every day observation and possible participation. Nepal is a multi-religious society, living in harmony, and her numerous tribes and castes are of great interest to any student of anthropology. Similarly, the many different geological and geographical features of Nepal, may be observed and investigated, beyond the confines of a textbook, within a short period of around two or three weeks, which we can tailor to individual requirements, thus fitting comfortably into most school and college holiday periods. We, at Access-Himalaya, can offer assistance and support in all the planning and training stages which are a vital part of preparation for an expedition to Nepal - possibly the ultimate extra-mural experience, and well within the capabilities of active and fit young adults. Easy walking peaks and quite demanding trekking itineraries are well within reach of 16- to 17-year-olds. There can surely be no better introduction to different countries and cultures then through a trek in the Himalayas, the earth’s constantly changing, ultimate mountain range, which also offers possibly the finest geographical/geological experience to be had.

No matter how many complications may seem to stand in the way of bringing a planned group trip into being, these will be handsomely outweighed by the benefits and rewards to be gained, in more ways then you may believe possible, adding an invaluable dimension of world experience and understanding to the lives of every member of the group. We have first-hand and successful experience of running Himalayan expeditions for schools and colleges, so, even if your idea of such a trip is still in its embryonic stage, please get in touch with us at Access-Himalaya, to see how we can best help you to bring your concept to emergence.