About Us

Welcome to Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan for trekking and climbing adventure holidays among the mountains of the Himalayas, including Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Sanctuary and Circuit, Langtang Valley, and many more. A holiday with Access-Himalaya can take you to the wilderness of Kanchenjunga or Dolpa regions, or on a gentler hike around the Kathmandu Valley Rim, with countless choices in between, to suit you. Our experienced professional and friendly local Nepalese staff will lead and guide you, ensuring reliable ... read more..
  • Our Staff

    All our staff members are Nepalese, comprising for the main part an extended Rai or Kirat, family. It is our policy to ensure that our guides are properly trained and Government-licensed, with a tested knowledge of all aspects of trekking, including first aid, health and ... read more..
  • Our responsibility

    Our principle of smallness allows us to adhere closely to the ideals and aims of eco-tourism, encouraging respectful interest in the people and their cultures, without overwhelming their villages and towns, without disturbing the fauna and the flora , and without harming the unique landscape ... read more..
  • Our Costs

    As a Nepalese company, centred in Kathmandu, we are able to avoid the high costs of trekking companies based in Europe or USA, where high expenditure on business accommodation, advertising and staff salaries must be passed on to the client; thus our holiday costs are ... read more..
  • Our Group Size

    We prefer to take groups with a maximum and manageable size of 12-14, not only to lessen the impact on the environment, but also to encourage good-natured friendliness on trek and around meal tables! However, as always, there may need to be exceptions to the ... read more..
  • Our Clients and Ourselves

    All our clients share the special advantages of a spirit of adventure, an open mind, a sense of humour, a love of nature and humanity, and a wide variety of interests. After enjoying the exotic hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, they all wish to experience ... read more..