Private Group

We greatly enjoy helping clients to arrange their own individual holidays – and, in fact, most of our clients opt for tailor-made treks, many of which are arranged to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, reunions, Christmas, etc. Individuals, groups of friends, families, honeymooners, schools, clubs and societies, who would prefer to fix their own dates and plan their own itineraries, may do so easily with our help. Very often tailor-made holidays are planned to include extra activities after or before the trek, such as a visit to Chitwan or some other wildlife park, or white water rafting.

We are also happy to arrange treks or other holidays for different interest groups such as Birdwatching, Botanical or Landscape painting, Plant hunting, Photography, Handicrafts, etc. We have experience of arranging treks and social work experience for Scout and similar groups, where there is an interest in obtaining qualifications for particular skills. Please see our website for more details, and also talk to us, as we will be delighted to help you to organise a very special adventure.

These private family and group holidays cost approximately the same, and often less, then those fixed departure itineraries that are mentioned in our website and in this brochure, particularly because clients sometimes opt for simpler, less expensive accommodation, internal transport and other facilities, than those offered within our package prices.