How to Book


You may search for your holiday in any one of three ways
(a) enter Holiday Title (Annapurna Sanctuary, Everest Base Camp…) or enter the first three letters Reference (ABC, EBC ) in "keyword or trip ref" serch box top left corner, then select particular holiday and click  Search button
(b) go to Booking and Reservation and select either Holiday Title (as in a) above, or Holiday Reference (as in a) above
Continue through View Details and choose your particular holiday. When you have found this, check your dates and reference, and Click Book Now

At this stage you will be asked to Log In. You should enter your Registered User Name and Password, then click Continue Booking.

You must Register at this stage, after which an e-mail will be sent to you confirming User Name (your email addreess) and Password. (Please note that, occasionally, spam filters put emails into junk mail boxes, so please check this if you do not receive your email within a few minutes of registering).

At this stage you should Log In, and enter your Registered User Name (your email addreess) and Password . Then click Continue Booking

On completion of successful Registration, and Log In, our Access-Himalaya Booking Terms and Conditions will be displayed. Please read these carefully and make a copy for your records from the printable version.

You must click both boxes at the foot of the page to indicate your agreement to all terms and conditions before continuing to the actual Booking Form.

Please complete one form for all persons sharing the same address and emergency contact details, using the following procedure:
Step 1: Read and agree to booking Terms and Conditions by clicking both boxes at foot of page, and Continue
Step 2: Enter Personal Details, Passport Details, Special Dietary requirements and Single Supplement/sleeping bag/down jacket requirements (please see NB below), and Continue
Step 3: Enter Emergency Contact Details (one emergency contact for all people included on same booking form), and Continue
Step 4: Enter Flight Details (if already arranged), and Continue
Step 5: You will see a Summary of all details given so far – edit if necessary, please. Make sure that everything is in order, and Continue
Step 6: Payment Details (not online payment just detail) – Click Make Booking, which will submit your holiday booking to us at Access-Himalaya adventure holidays.

Nota bene: when ordering down jackets and/or sleeping bags, it is important that you indicate your requirement for each item, whether or not you will be required to pay for the hire. It will automatically add in your invoice, if there is hire charge. If you fail to do this we have no means of knowing that you wish to hire equipment!!

Thank you