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Peak Climbing Nepal is famed for its mountains, of which there are countless numbers. Relatively few of these are permitted peaks - only 128 on the official list, of which 110 are classified as expedition peaks, involving procedures which are both complicated and expensive. The remaining 18 peaks were designated trekking peaks by the Nepal Mountaineering Association in 1978, and as such may be climbed without the red tape associated with full-scale expeditions.

Some of our treks either focus on, or include the opportunity to climb, trekking peaks; a misnomer indeed, as such description undermines the demands of what should really be referred to as alpine peaks. Tackling these is certainly not just an extension of a walking trek, although they are not technically difficult by their normal route of ascent. However, those contemplating climbing one of these peaks should have some experience of winter mountaineering techniques including use of ice axe and crampons, and of handling ropes.

Apart from payment of a small trekking peak fee, and a proviso that all attempts must be accompanied by authorized guides, these mountains can be attempted with little formality and within a time scale that suits an annual vacation period. High altitude guides who spend their entire working lives in the Himalaya are those authorized to guide climbs of trekking peaks. Combining great skill with patience, enthusiasm and energy, to ensure safe and successful climbing, they are supported by a team of equally experienced assistant guides.