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  • Damber Rai

    Damber Rai is the company’s factotum, and our ‘Man in Kathmandu’ when Pradip and Gill are in UK – he has been working with us since completing his secondary education, in 1999, and without him... read more..

  • Gill Spilsbury

    Gill Spilsbury, a teacher in UK for over 30 years, has been working alongside Pradip since they founded Access-Himalaya together in 1998. She first visited Nepal in 1997, and met Pradip on a trek where... read more..

  • Pradip (Kirat) Rai CEO

    Pradip (Kirat) Rai, Nepalese kingpin of Access-Himalaya, is part of a family with well over a quarter of a century of direct experience in the trekking adventure field, and has been involved himself for more... read more..