Community project

Access Himalaya has been working with disadvantage/underprivileged children and community in Nepal providing support, free education and care for voer 17 years through various projects.
The new projects is starting from this October ( 2008) which aims to start a secondary school with conjunction with community and ourselves. The project elements are rise fund to buy some land, build a necessary classroom, get authorization from regional education bureau, arrange and assist volunteers etc. We sincerely hope that the project will provide a better education environment, increase secondary school children enrolment particularly girls and children from poor economic back ground.
There will be a great benefit to those children of very remove mountain village/community and ethnic minority.
We have been the village for field observation and carry out project feasibility study in early February 2008, and the project plan can down load (click here) and we strongly believe that and out finding shows that not only improve better education opportunity/environment (anything will be better in compression) fro the village children and better the learning opportunity will open surrounding villages and community as well, and other ways large number of children will miss out the secondary schooling opportunity particularly girls and poor economic background children. And once the project complete, we hope it will serve continuously year after year in the future, even long after we gone.