Porter protection

We follow the guidelines of the <a href="http://www.ippg.net">International Porter Protection Group</a>, and it is our company policy to provide all porters with suitable clothing, footwear and shelter while working with us. We see that they are adequately fed and paid, and they are not asked to carry loads that are too heavy for their physical abilities. Weight limits are adjusted to allow for altitude, weather and trail conditions. All porters are also insured for sickness and accident, or some alternative provision is made for them when appropriate. We believe that injured or sick porters are entitled to the same level of medical care as any trekker or any other member of staff, and to this end they will never be required to make their way off a mountain alone, but will be accompanied by someone who speaks their language. We never knowingly employ porters who are under 16 years of age, nor do we employ anyone who is physically incapable of doing the job